About Me

The way that I look at the world and also photography is probably considered a bit unconventional. But then again, I’m probably not the most conventional man either.
Taking photographs is a new love for me, it’s not something I ever aspired to as a child or was interested in as a teenager – it just happened one day about 5 years ago. And when I say happened, I mean really obsessively happened. It was all I seemed to think about and the happiness I got out of it opened my eyes to the possibilities of the world. I had spent a years working to become a professional event organizer and succeeded. But after working for a few years, there was something missing. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t excited and I definitely didn’t feel like it was what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. So after a few years, with both the emotional and financial support of my amazingly family, I took a gamble and made the leap to photography. For the first time in my life, I followed my heart instead of my head.
My job is to make people happy, what else is there to it?